2017-06-16 / Letters

Why the Bird Sanctuary is important

To the Editor:

The Garden City Bird Sanctuary is a non-profit 501©3.We depend on your donations and volunteers to keep us and the birds going. We used over a thousand pounds of bird seed this year!

Fact: Spring is one of the toughest seasons for birds to find food. Their natural food gets wet from spring rains and becomes spoiled, making it inedible. Mother birds will feed their young protein rich insects, but the bugs are not available in the spring until the temperature rises. So Mother Bird seeks nourishment from bird feeders. Young birds imprint from their parents to go to the bird feeders for their meals.

Why this is important: When the birds are healthy they produce more young, and they both eat more bugs. Eating more bugs means fewer pesticides and fewer mosquitoes which means less chance of West Nile Virus. Humans receive a great benefit from our feathered friends. The air is filled with beautiful singing and bright colors too!

Please donate bird seed, much needed funds, and/or volunteer. You can leave bags of bird seed at the gate across from 181 Tanners Pond Road, Garden City, NY. (BJ’s Wholesale has a great price on 40 pound bags of birdseed!)

The Garden City Bird Sanctuary is open to the public.

Anthony Cenzoprano Director, GCBS

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