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A principled man

To the Editor:

In the early 1980s I worked with Delite Records in New York City and this is a story that I’d like to publicize.

All over the country, there were both black and white radio stations. I was hired by a record company called PIP - Pickwick International Presentations to record and produce “hits”. We could not compete with the major record companies moneywise.

So I decided to work with the black radio stations and backed Delite Records, who were promoting a black group called “Kool and the Gang.” Also, you may recall there was Reynolds, with a menthol cigarette called “Kool” menthol cigarettes.

I went to them and made this deal - if and when we ever had a hit being played by both black and white radio stations. They would print what was called a “bounce back” on the top of every carton of cigarattes. It would say “Buy this carton and get $1 off every Kool and the Gang LP”.

We considered this a million dollar deal. Well, it did happen. We had “Funky Stuff”, “Jungle Boogie” and “Celebration.” Wow!

I received a call from Reynolds cigarettes to come in and sign a contract. They explained that the whole world is smoking their cigarettes and we might have our recordings sold everywhere.

Here’s the “punch”: I called Robert Bell, Kool, who was, I believe about 17, and asked to speak with his father. We talked and he thanked me for all I had accomplished.

Then he explained, “Mr. Bower, we are Muslims and we don’t drink or smoke.” I said they were turning down a million dollar deal. He hung up.

Every day I see Muslim people so this story will always be on my mind.

Thanks for listening.

Dr. “Bugs” Bower

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What the heck?

What the heck?

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