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A Father’s Love

To the Editor:

In today’s issue of The Garden City News, readers can view a beautiful, full-page, Father’s Day Tribute. This is the fourth consecutive year that Garden City residents have sponsored a Father’s Day Tribute. It is intended to express sincere gratitude for every father in his most sacred and important role of giving the precious gift of life to his child.

We recognize the special love that a father has for his child, and we join as a community to thank each and every father for having the room in his heart to cooperate with God’s Divine Plan to provide for and protect children, born and pre-born.

The tribute also reaches out to fathers whose expectant mothers may be facing difficult pregnancies, by providing them with the names of confidential and caring, professional agencies that provide life-affirming assistance to mothers in need.

In addition, for fathers who may be grieving over a lost, aborted child and in need of confidential and healing counseling, there is help as well. Please know that you are not alone. More and more men are coming forward for healing, and through their personal testimonies, are reaching out to others so that they too may receive the forgiveness and mercy of God.

Please consider contacting LUMINA, a post-abortion ministry that offers a very loving and understanding program for men called, “Hope & Healing After Abortion”. Call them at 877-586-4621; email them at Lumina@postabortionhelp.org , or visit their website at http://postabortionhelp.org. You will be warmly welcomed.

Also, view an informative and compassionate online video for men, featuring Fr. Benedict Groeschel and the founder of LUMINA, Theresa Bonopartis. Visit: http:// postabortionhelp.org/pah/ewtn-menabortion/.

Lastly, please take some time to read these personal “Men’s Stories of Healing” testimonies.

Go to: http://postabortionhelp.org/pah/for-men-2/mens-stories-ofhealing/.

The topics of six personal testimonies are:

1. A Journey of Healing with Jesus.

2. For Better or Worse – Marrying Someone Who Is Post-Abortive.

3. I Didn’t Have a Choice.

4. Hope for Post-Abortive Men.

5. My Confession.

6. Companions on the Journey to Canaan.

On this Father’s Day 2017, we pray that God will bestow His special blessings on all fathers.

The Church of St. Joseph and the Church of St. Anne Respect Life


And the Knights of Columbus St.

Joseph-Bishop Baldwin Council #15809

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