2017-05-19 / Community


Restaurant Row

We were glad to hear that another new restaurant will be coming to Garden City in August with the opening of Perennial on Franklin Avenue. It is encouraging that there are business owners who believe they can do well here, and it is also encouraging that the Village will be making an effort to streamline the approval process for new businesses.

Having a “restaurant row” on Franklin Avenue and Seventh Street helps to draw people from other towns into Garden City, and helps the local economy thrive. While restaurants compete with each other for customers, having a large group of them together is actually beneficial to all because “foodies” generally like to try all different kinds of fare, and generally go out to eat often.

Years ago, Franklin Avenue was known as “the Fifth Avenue of Long Island” when there were numerous department stores there. Later on, many financial services firms came to town, and some called it “the Wall Street of Long Island.” Now, with all the great restaurants, in town Garden City is beginning to be known as the place to be for those who love food.

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