2017-04-21 / Community


It’s the busy season

As we are now into the spring season, we are at one of the busiest times of year for local community news. Many groups plan events at this time of year and sports teams are also very busy.

We strive to put everyone’s material into the paper in a timely fashion, but when it is busiest some items might take a week or two to get published. In particular, if you send us a large group of photos of an event that has already taken place, it could take a couple of weeks for us to have a double page spread space available. Please be patient.

When sending photos, if you have taken them at a high resolution please either send them a few at a time in several emails or consider using a file sharing service such as Sendspace or Dropbox (both of which offer free services).

We used to often get photos that were taken at a low resolution, which we couldn’t use, but with the improvements in digital camera technology it’s an infrequent problem. Nevertheless, please don’t set your camera at a low resolution if you are taking photos for submission.

Material can be sent to us at editor@gcnews.com until Wednesday at noon for that Friday’s paper, or in person or by mail to our office at 821 Franklin Ave., Suite 208, Garden City NY 11530

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