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Fee increases too high

We hope the Village of Garden City reconsiders its decision to start greatly increasing the rental fees that local charities must pay to use village facilities such as St. Paul’s for their events. Charities such as The Andy Fund, the Mollie Biggane Foundation and the Jay Gallagher Foundation are homegrown groups that do a lot of good and have considerable support in the community.

While the Village needs to balance its books, and large special events can cost money in police overtime etc., the cost increases have been precipitous. For example, for the two day Jay Gallagher Tournament the Village raised its rental fees from $1593 in 2015 to $14,850 in 2017.

These groups hold special events to raise funds for great causes, but even more important, they have become part of the fabric of the community and help instill in the youth of Garden City the importance of charitable work. But because of the fee increases the charities may have to cut back on their events.

In addition, some large events bring many outsiders into town for the day, which surely helps some members of the business community.

We ask that the members of the Board reconsider the fee increases and what impact they will have on the community.

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That is so wrong to the

That is so wrong to the residents of this village. The increase should go to outside organizations and not our own residents.

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