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Saying Thanks

At the February 2nd Board of Trustees meeting members of the Board debated whether to install a plaque on which the names of former mayors would be listed.

Those Trustees against installing such a plaque said that it goes against the spirit of volunteerism in the Village. Mayors and members of the school and Village Board receive no compensation for their work, and do their jobs for the love of the Village.

While we respect the sentiment, we’d like to argue that a plaque is a simple way to honor that volunteerism. In fact, we’d expand the plaque to list the names of all the members of the boards over the years. (It might make an interesting history project for a student to research this.) While we’re at it, the school district should also honor its past Board members.

Saying thanks to volunteers in an appropriate way is a good way to get other people to volunteer more. When you go to donate blood, they always give you stickers to brag about your donation - not only as a thank you, but also to spur other people to action. This is the same idea. It’s never wrong to thank people for their help.

Even though in the past we’ve occasionally been critical of the Village and School Boards, we absolutely respect the commitment and hours of time that the members of those boards have given freely. The cost of creating such plaques is minuscule compared to the amount of free labor expended by the trustees.

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