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Community Club Enjoys Lecture

Ruth Labosco, Ann Paulson, Dr. La Gumina, Kathy McCormick (Vice president) Ruth Labosco, Ann Paulson, Dr. La Gumina, Kathy McCormick (Vice president) The community Club of Garden City and Hempstead enjoyed an interesting and in depth lecture on The Earthquake of 1908. Dr.. Salvatore La Gumina gave a fascinating description of the extreme devastation and loss of life which resulted. The town of Messina was hardest hit and lost 160,000 of its citizens.. There was also a tsunami at the same time with waves that were 40 feet high. Dr. La Gumina also presented a film of the disaster which was in Italian but understandable to us all due to the type of circumstance which existed. The lack of modern equipment to help the rescuers was overwhelming as well as the lack of modern medical aid to help the injured. It is still considered to be the largest natural disaster with a total of 200,000 lost.

Dr. La Gumina is a Professor Emeritus at Nassau Community College where he is the Director of the Center for Italian American studies. He has also served as the Director of the Ethnic Heritage program at Wesleyan Universtiy, has lectured extensively on television and radio, and has authored or co-edited 18 books.

This program was made possible by The New York Council for the Humanities. If anyone is interested in Joining the Community Club and partaking in the many program and wonderful trips please contact the club office at The Garden City Casino, on Tue, Wed, or Thurs. between 9:30 and 12:30pm at (516)746-0488

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