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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have been very disappointed with the services provided to senior citizens in Garden City.

Two years ago I went to the Senior Citizen House on Golf Club Lane which is walking distance from my home in Cherry Valley (15th Street). I was told by the man in charge that woman were not allowed unless they had twenty-five women to reserve a day to use the facility. The very facility that my taxes help to support. It is actually a men’s meeting hall as I have observed numerous time as I passed the facility. That is absolutely unfair and unjust.

Please review the attached materials from the Senior Center in Oyster bay which I have visited on several occasions. It put to shame what we do here in Garden City - a much more affluent community. Nassau County contributes $200,000 annually to the center in Oyster Bay for a daily lunch for all of its citizens 65 and older and a myriad of other activities daily.

I respectfully request to meet with whomever is in charge of helping senior citizens in Garden City

Patricia C. Donnelly

The decision to expand the funding on Golf Club Lane is now before Mayor John Watras & the Board of Trustees

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The issue is whether and to

The issue is whether and to what extent the taxpayers of Garden City should fund two senior centers, one on Golf Lane and the other at St. Paul's. We shouldn't count on Nassau County or the Town of Hempstead for funding. According to the Nassau County Website, the Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs contracts with EAC, Inc to operate a center at the United Methodist Church on Washington Street in Hempstead to provide services for seniors from Garden City, as well as Hempstead, Lakeview and Uniondale. This is part of a network of senior centers funded by the County and operated by voluntary non-profit agencies, one of which is the Life Enrichment Center at Oyster Bay, which Ms. Donnelly mentioned. The Town of Hempstead also provides services to seniors at 16 centers in the township.

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