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Don’t Print Diatribes

To the Editor:

I have just read the Letters To The Editor this week, and am appalled by what was printed. I will start by making the assumption that Mr. Angelo DiPippo is just misinformed rather than ignorant in what he wrote. The start of his letter,” two catastrophes” .....give me a break. Hurricane Sandy was awful and has harmed a number of people in our town, as well as Long Island and New Jersey and New York City.

However, I am one proud American that our President was re-elected by a majority of voters. Just to remind you, Mr. DiPippo, in the last six Presidential elections, the Democrats have won the popular vote in five of them. I hope your ulcer is not acting up with that fact.

As for the comment about “over-paid school teachers and supers, assistants and various other education types” who should be put to manual labor to take care of you, and whomever you feel is neglected, I am again appalled that anyone could write something so offensive under their name. Maybe you should just get off your couch and take care of our neighbors in need and stop criticizing others. I am proud of the teachers in this district who taught my three children through elementary, middle school and high school, and my wife and I have three successful children making good livings because of the education they received in this town. I may pay more in Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes than my education tax in this town, and have not had a child in this school system for years, but I cannot thank this town enough for starting my children on the path for a better life for them, and for the world.

Mr DiPippo, your ilk needs to move on and accept the fact that there are all walks of life who contribute to the greater good. I suggest, if you are so unhappy living in this town, and in this country, just move on to a place where you will feel better. I would name a country, but I would not want to besmirch them with your name.

Furthermore, thank you Mr. Frank X. Ruggiero, for saying what had to be said. Ed Heaney is a malcontent who says the vilest things about former President Clinton and Secretary of State Clinton, and President Obama. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with their political views, that is what makes this country great. But when you write vile things about any of them, you (Ed Heaney), show your smallness of mind. Although while I never voted for George W. Bush, I had no doubt he was only thinking of our country and how to protect it. I may have disagreed with a number of things he did, but he was my President and I believed in him because I know he was trying his best. To label our current President “not a US citizen” just shows you really should take a rest with your comments.

Finally, I will end with a comment about “The Garden City News”. I understand that you try to print all letters that are written to you, although clearly you held one back from Mr. Heaney by what he complained about in his last letter. However, I believe in freedom of the press, as long as it is truthful. When someone is writing in letters to you that are totally inflammatory and have no basis in fact, I believe you have the right, and obligation, not to print them. I admit some letters are close with the difference between opinion and reality, but clearly there are some that go to far afield. I would request of you, our town’s newspaper, to edit what needs to be edited, or just plain do not print what are clearly inflammatory diatribes.

Jeff Krupen

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