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Socially Speaking

With Athena With Athena A long time resident of Garden City called several friends to see how they made out during the two storms. She had heard of the loss of so many of our beautiful trees and our loss of power. The lady, Marye Heston, called from Oklahoma where they were having their own troubles in the form of super sized hail storms that broke many windows. Marye lived on Hilton Ave. and Sixth Street and was happy to learn that her former home was safe and sound and so was her favorite Southern Magnolia tree. She sends all her best wishes to her many friends here in town and she will be reading this as she still subscribes to the paper.

As an added treat for the residents of Garden City, the Community Club of Garden City and Hempstead is pleased to invite one and all to their Christmas Hour of Music being performed in the Cathedral of the Incarnation on Tuesday, December 4th at 2 p.m. The program will feature Kristine Dougherty playing the Flute with accompaniment by the Organist of the Cathedral. They also invite you to cross the street following the musical performance and take part in the refreshments offered at the Garden City Casino. That would be a nice gift for Christmas and start off the season in a very nice way.The Garden City Casino Ladies Luncheon Bridge took place last week and they had a very nice crowd in both the Social and Duplicate sections. It being just before Thanksgiving, they enjoyed Turkey sandwiches and salad - what else? Enjoying the afternoon were: Grace Murphy, Sue Hall, Miriam Benack, Peggy Tillotson, Irene Christie and Isabel Smith. A Small Slam was made during the afternoon, but no Grand Slam. That is not to say some couple did not make a Grand Slam, but you have to have bid it and therein lies the rub and the loss. Well, you know the old saying - you have to bid it to make it.

The Joy of Reading group from the G.C. Branch of the A.A.U.W. are reading “The Heiress” by Henry James on December 11th at 12:30 p.m. The hostess will be Janet Fecht. That book has always been a winner and many times its good to go back to the old books that we loved and find new ideas in them.

Happy Birthday wishes to Gail Vitale, who will do her celebrating on the 27th of this month and to Gert Perrini, who will close out the month with her own celebration on the 30th. It will take Maureen Fraser to start December off with her own B-Day celebration on the 3rd of December. That gets us off to a fine start for the last month of this year. May all the happy celebrates have a great day and a year filled with health and happiness, with many more to come.

Don’t forget to make time on Sunday, December 2nd for the annual Christmas Tree lighting at 3:30 on the Village Green corner of Stewart Ave. and Hilton. Santa will be there as will Kingsley Bear for photos and of course there will be music and Hot Chocolate for one and all.

In case you haven’t gotten all your holiday shopping done, do Think Small and shop Small. This means going to our wonderful local stores and getting your Christmas goodies and presents from them. Remember that the Malls are very crowded and many times you can get the same or better from our local stores.

I do hope that you all remembered to watch your calories at the Thanksgiving table. If not, you don’t have much time before the next two feeding frenzies will be upon us. I refer of course to Christmas followed closely by New Year’s Eve. By that time you take all that off, you will be facing Valentine’s Day with all that candy facing you. Get my message? Eat slowly take small bits and push yourself away from the table as soon as you can. Now don’t you feel better?

There was sad news for one family on Thanksgiving morning when Cedric Melkonian passed away. Cedric was a long time resident of Garden City and he was very active in the life of his church. He fought for three years with the help of his family and our thoughts and prayers are with them in their time of sorrow. Cedric was always willing to lend a helping hand to one and all and will be missed by all who knew him. may he rest in Peace.

Your thought for the week is; Horse sense is stable thinking with the ability to say nay. See you next week.

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