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GCPTA Events For The Week

Garden City students are “back” to a normal routine! Garden City students are “back” to a normal routine! Nominating Committee

The GCPTA needs volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee. It is an integral responsibility, yet requires minimal time.

* The Nominating Committee will recommend people for the open PTA Executive Committee positions for the 2013- 2014 school year. (You are not signing up for an Executive Committee position.)

* The Nominating Committee is comprised of two representatives each from the High School, Middle School, Stewart and Stratford schools as well as one representative each from Hemlock, Homestead and Locust Schools and an alternate.

* Volunteers will be elected to be representatives of 2012- 2013 Nominating Committees at their school’s November-December PTA meeting.

* Time Commitment - Committee usually meets 1-3 times in late January/February 9:00am-12:00pm

* Membership in PTA is required to serve on the committee .*

Members of last year’s Nominating Committee may not serve again this year.

Please contact: Gail Madigan at Gmadigan@GCPTA.org

GCPTA Meetings

Make time in your day to attend a PTA meeting so you can stay informed about the many ways parents can support their children’s educational experience:

* 12/4, T - 9:30 am Homestead

* 12/6, Th - 9:30 am Hemlock

* 12/6, Th - 9:30 am Locust

GCPTA Sportswear

UPDATE: Pick up for orders is December 1st at GCHS from 12:30 to 4:00 pm.

GCPTA at BOEs - Attend Board of Education meetings - all parents and community members are encouraged to attend. The dates for this month’s BOE meetings:

* 12/4, T - 8:15 pm BOE Work Session at the Administration Building

* 12/11, W - 8:15 pm BOE Board Meeting at GCHS

Attention Parents of 6th Graders

Students must have the TDAP inoculation when the student turns 11 years old.

Important Dates for GCHS Parents of Juniors

* 12/1, Saturday - SAT and SAT Subject Tests

* 12/3, Monday - Junior/Parent Night 7:00 pm in GCHS Auditorium

* 12/8, Saturday - ACT Exam (Not offered at GCHS)

There are so many events to prepare for as a parent of a high school student. The GCPTA gives you a window into the life of a high school student at GCHS. You will know what to expect and how to best prepare your child for every opportunity. Plus, it’s rewarding to be a part of a group who are in a similar life situation as yourself.

Join the GCPTA and be in the know... and get to know some great people along the way. Download the membership form at www.gardencitypta.org and click on “forms”.

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