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EPOA Announces Changes To Nominating Procedures

The board of directors of the Eastern Property Owners’ Association (EPOA) has amended one aspect of its formal Procedures for the Nomination of Village and School District Officers.

The Garden City East Nominating Committee, which is elected annually at the June resident electors’ meeting, is charged with proposing nominees for the positions of trustee in the village and the school district. Previously, the names of those candidates were filed with the corporate secretary of the EPOA at least 20 days prior to the January resident electors’ meeting, which is held by each of the four POAs on the third Tuesday in January. The new procedure requires those names to be filed at least 40 days prior to the January meeting. The names will be published as soon as received on the EPOA website and in the local papers.

Previously, if any residents wished to challenge the nominee of the nominating committee, they could do so by filing a petition at the January resident electors’ meeting. The new procedure requires that petition be filed at least 30 days prior to the January meeting.

Other than these timing adjustments, no other changes to the Procedures have been made. The reason for the change is to allow additional time to prepare for a primary or run-off election when there is a challenge to the proposed nominees of the nominating committee. It is the responsibility of the EPOA board of directors to run such an election.

In the past the board has not known until the night of the January resident electors’ meeting whether or not there will be a challenge to the proposed nominees. The board then has only two weeks to prepare for the primary election. This challenge has been met successfully many times in the past but it is a huge commitment of time and energy within a short time span by the volunteers involved. Knowing if there will be a challenge 30 days prior to the January meeting gives those volunteers additional valuable time to prepare for a primary, as necessary.

Another benefit to the change is that it allows the possibility of a debate at the January meeting among competing candidates. Those interested in becoming village or school trustees will have a chance to speak directly to residents of the East, explain their position on various issues and take questions directly from fellow residents.

Procedures for the Nomination of Village and School District Officers will be available in full on the EPOA website, www.gcepoa.org.

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