2012-10-11 / Front Page

Presidential Debate May Cause Traffic Woes

By Stephanie Petrellese

The presidential debate scheduled to be held at Hofstra University on Tuesday may cause traffic delays due to road closures on the eastern side of the Village, announced Police Commissioner Kenneth Jackson at the October 4th Garden City Board of Trustees meeting.

"We don't know the extent, but we would like the residents in that area to know there will be probably some type of delays in the traffic flow during the day," Commissioner Jackson said.

The police commissioner said the Garden City Police Department is working with the Nassau County Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. Roads can be closed any time between 11 a.m. and 10 to 11 p.m. on Tuesday, October 16.

Eastern Property Owners' Association

(EPOA) President Judy Courtney said the issue was discussed at the October 9th EPOA meeting, and the exact routes President Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney will take are still unknown.

"We have heard about potential road closures on the East side of town related to the debate," Courtney told The Garden City News. "While we don't have any specifics, it is reasonable to assume that residents should limit their travel on roads leading towards Hofstra during the day of the debate. However, even with any temporary inconveniences, we are still very excited to have our neighbors at Hofstra host this very important event. And, this may give many of us an opportunity to see the next President of the United States!"

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