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Arthur N. Wilder, D.V.M.

QUESTION: What can be done about a blood cyst in a cat’s ear.

ANSWER: Ablood cyst, also know as a hematoma, can be the result of an injury, a blow to the ear, or by continual head shaking and ear scratching. What happens is that a blood vessel ruptures between the layers of the skin and this begins to fill up with blood in the former pocket.

A hematoma needs intervention by a veterinarian. The only cure is surgical. If the cat does not stop shaking its head, the bleeding will continue.

Sticking a needle into the soft painless swelling will not effect a cure. The ruptured blood vessel has to be treated. In addition, the predisposing cause, must be dealt with when the hematoma is treated so that head shaking and ear scratching will be minimized. Arthur N. Wilder, D.V.M. Westbury Animal Hospital 319 Union Ave., Westbury


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