2012-03-09 / School

Inside Garden City High School

By Victoria Bee

Between the days of seventy degree weather and the days of harsh winter wind, athletes at the HS are really wishing for some stable sunshine! Heaters, or windows open? Well, at least everyone has Spring Break to look forward to soon - particularly those who are lucky enough to go away to some place guaranteed to be warm!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of GCHS’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” The turn-out for each of the productions was incredible, and everyone definitely enjoyed themselves. Thanks to the efforts of the Director, backstage lighting/sound/etc., and the entire cast of players! The school should certainly be proud to have such a fantastic drama department.

The SAT class held at the HS (PowerPrep) ended this past Tuesday, and all of the students are wished good luck on their SAT exams this coming Saturday, March 10th. There will be several more exams dates to follow, but the sign-up list is tight, so anyone interested must make sure to secure a spot by registering as soon as possible.

The spring season brings many new changes to the lives of students, but more than anything it signals changes for the next school year coming up in September. Right now, students are picking out their courses for next year, selecting which elective classes they’d like to take and discussing options with guidance counselors. Tryouts for kickline and cheerleading are coming up to see who will make the team for the fall and winter of next year. However, more than anything, the biggest change happening right now is the flood of college response letters coming in from all over the country to let Seniors know where they have been accepted. Decisions are being carefully mulled over, and soon Seniors will send in their selections to the counseling office to make it all official. For any Senior that is interested in a scholarship, the Julia Maloney Scholarship offers $3,000 annually for four years to those qualifying; applications can be picked up from the counseling office.

Spring sports began on Monday, and some of the students at the HS are very sore this week! Running sprints and miles within certain times must be difficult after a winter of inactivity for many! Tryouts are in session to see which sophomores (or possibly even Freshman) might make varsity teams, and who’s strong enough to be captain(s) for the season. The HS is now buzzing with life until much later hours with all the practices going on.

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