2008-12-05 / Sports

Garden City Force Wins Final Game

Garden City Force U-10 Girls ended their season with a hard fought victory against the Plainedge Hotshots. Though it was raining steadily and the field conditions were questionable, at best, the Force rose to the occasion. The Hotshots converted early on a free kick in the box. However, the Force was determined to come back. Katie Gillan made several diving saves to keep the Force in the game. Then, Caroline Kenny converted on a free kick, and the momentum shift had begun. Maddie McCabe moved to goalie in the second half , and the Force domination began. Lily Shannon provided the fans with a great display of her impressive footwork to move the ball past the Hotshot midfielders. Following several great passes by Catherine Honan and Shelby Rivielle , Caitlin Cunningham scored with a solid kick to the corner of the net, and the Force led 2-1. With Maddie McCabe making some impressive, yet very muddy, saves in goal, the Force maintained their lead. Each time the Hotshots entered the Force zone, the defense, led by Annie Randazzo, and Erin Pasquale cleared the ball quickly. There, midfielders Annie Walsh, Lizzie Rieger, and Janine Schwendemann, were ready to move the ball up the field. Late in the game, Kerry McCarraher converted on a corner kick, which deflected off a Hotshot defender, to seal the Force win at 3-1. The highlight of the second half, though, was when Alicia Cristoforo returned to the lineup for a brief appearance, as she missed most of the season with a broken arm. Alicia was quick to make her appearance known with a bullet shot on goal. At the end of the game, the Force players and fans were soaked, but happy. The Force had a terrific season, and wishes to thank all their coaches, parents and fans for all their support. Force will be enjoying their winter break, and looking forward to more fun in the spring. GO FORCE!

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