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Winthrop Continues To Lead The Way


Winthrop-University Hospital has long been known for its outstanding outcomes in interventional cardiology and its capacity to handle even the most challenging cases. In recent weeks the Hospital expanded its armamentarium of treatment options for people with Coronary Artery Disease with the addition of the Impella heart pump and the latest drug-eluting stent, known as Xience.

"The Winthrop Cardiac Catheterization Center has remained at the cutting edge of interventional treatments for heart disease, and these are recent examples of the most up-to-date technologies which often make their Long Island debut at Winthrop," said Kevin P. Marzo, MD, Chief of the Division of Cardiology at Winthrop.

The Impella heart pump, by Abiomed, Inc., is a miniature pump which is inserted via a catheter in the patient's femoral artery, where it is guided up to the ascending aorta, across the heart valve and into the left ventricle. Once in place, the pump facilitates the flow of up to 2.5 liters of blood per minute. The new catheter-based heart pump received FDA approval in June 2008, following extensive clinical trials, which included procedures and research performed at Winthrop.

"We have now used the Impella successfully and have witnessed first-hand its ability to further improve outcomes in complex angioplasty and stent procedures," said Srihari S. Naidu, MD, Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Winthrop.

The Impella pump is used in high-risk patients during angioplasty procedures to help maximize blood flow and reduce stress on the heart. The pump has been approved for up to six hours to provide immediate, minimally invasive circulatory support for critical patients while they undergo emergency PCI procedures.

The Xience V Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System was approved by the FDA in July 2008 for use in the treatment of coronary artery disease, and was available within 24 hours following its approval for patients at Winthrop. The Xience V stent is the latest generation of drug-coated devices used to treat coronary artery disease by propping open a narrowed or blocked artery and releasing a drug which prevents the artery from becoming blocked again. "Second generation drug-eluting stents, such as Xience V and the previously-released Endeavor stent, which also debuted at Winthrop earlier this year, are clear advances in interventional cardiology and are enabling us to better serve our patients," said Dr. Naidu.

Coronary artery disease (CAD) occurs when plaque build-up narrows the arteries and reduces blood flow to the heart, which can lead to chest pain or a heart attack. CAD remains the most common type of heart disease and is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States.

"In addition to staying at the forefront of interventional cardiology," added Dr. Marzo, "Winthrop is also leading the way in a new era of preventive health through its affiliation with Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness and the creation of a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at the Winthrop Wellness Pavilion in Garden City."

Winthrop-University Hospital is known across New York State for excellent outcomes in both interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery. The hospital's Institute for Heart Care features a 26,000-square-foot Heart Surgery Center, which features 26 telemetry beds, 22 intensive care rooms and dedicated cardiac surgery suites, as well as the John D. Miller Interventional Cardiology Pavilion, which includes the Cardiac Catheterization Center and its four state-of-the-science cardiac catheterization labs, and a highly sophisticated Electrophysiology Center.

As a full-service healthcare provider known for medical excellence and superior patient care, Winthrop is also equipped to deal with patients' concurrent medical issues sometimes related to a cardiac condition. Physicians at Winthrop's Institute for Lung Care are on hand to address pulmonary issues and Winthrop's Institute for Specialty Care offers patients access to comprehensive programs for diabetes prevention and management, weight loss and wellness, vascular disease and much more.

For additional information about Winthrop-University Hospital, or for a referral to a physician, please call 1-866-WINTHROP.


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